Journal Records

According to the Manuscript manager System and internal statistical processing data’s, the Macedonian Veterinary Review has:

  • Acceptance rate of 22.4%
  • The percentage of invited articles of 0%
  • Time taken from submission to the first decision is an average 2.3 months
  • Time from the submission to publication is an average 5.7 months
The statistics for each published article (AOP and Published) can be seen on each article and contain HTML access, abstract access, document download and total times accessed.

In the Ahead of Print (AOP) version as well as in the printed version of each published article this information are:

  • Received: date of submission
  • Received in revised form: date of receiving the last/final correction of the article from the authors, which is going to be reviewed for the last time
  • Accepted:  date of the announcement of the decision to authors and reviewers
  • Available online first: date of the AOP release of the article (throughout the year)
  • Published on: date of the publication of the article in the printed  and electronic version of the Journal (twice a year, on March 15 and October 15)